Our television sets are often the focal point of shared family space. These boxes both connect and reflect back to us the world we’re a part of. It has been one of the most consistent pieces of technology in almost every household for decades. At John Kane, our built-in tv units will ensure that your TV is fully integrated with the décor you’ve chosen for your family room.

A TV is usually placed on the room’s feature wall, which means it will be the first thing you see when you walk in. Let’s look at how, depending on your room’s layout and purpose, custom-made TV units can combine aesthetics and functionality. At John Kane, we believe the finishing touch can often be the masterstroke.

Why Choose a Built-In TV Unit?

We don’t just make the best built-in TV units Dundalk has to offer, we make the best built-in TV units Ireland has ever seen. Our customer base comes from all over the U.K. and Ireland. Why? Our living room built-in TV units put the finishing touch on your family room.

A John Kane built-in TV cabinet can help you make the best use of your space. It can provide storage solutions for all sorts of things. Things like wires, game consoles, DVDs, games and other miscellaneous items can impact the aesthetics and flow of a room. Built-in TV wall storage solutions finally give you a home for these items.

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For the best modern tv units Ireland has to offer, you need an artisan, custom-made unit that fits in with the room you’ve created.  The best TV wall units Ireland has to offer can be found at John Kane. This is because we mix craftsmanship and design with functionality. Call us today to discuss your options or get a quote.

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