Choose from a variety of styles to transform any room with our bespoke wall panelling.

Wall panelling, also known as wainscoting, is a beautiful decorative feature that has grown in popularity in recent years. Here, at JK Kitchens & Woodwork we offer expertly crafted wall panelling in Dundalk. Adding panelling to your home is a wonderful and affordable way to update rooms, without renovating.

How To Use Wall Panelling in Your Home

One can use wood wall panelling to achieve a number of different looks in your home. For example, traditional panelling can add a sense of elegance and sophistication in classically styled homes, and it works particularly well with a French Chic style decor.

Alternatively, it works well in minimalist or Scandinavian style homes, adding texture and interest. Modern wall panelling also works exceptionally well with bold wallpaper. Opting to install panelling on the lower half of the wall and wallpapering above it, creates a perfectly balanced feature.

Wainscoting panels provide a clean and crisp element that is extremely versatile and works well in most homes. Bedroom panelling adds interest and warmth to any bedroom. It can be fitted behind the headboard of a bed or surrounding a mounted TV to create an affordable focus point in the room.

Our experienced craftsmen only use the finest materials to create our bespoke pieces, and our wooden wall panelling is no exception. You can also choose from a range of woods and finishes to bring your vision to life.

With over 40 years of experience, our professional team aims to craft and install bespoke panelling quickly and efficiently, meaning you can update your home effortlessly.

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If you’re thinking about updating your home, wall panelling is an affordable and effortless way to do so. Get in contact with our experienced craftsmen to get started today. You can call us on +353 87 959 8862 or send us a message here to organise your free consultation.

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