Customise your own or choose from our range of bespoke fitted wardrobes.

Wardrobes are central to the design and structure of any bedroom. As a focal point of your room, bespoke wardrobes can truly communicate your space’s aesthetic vision. It’s the finishing touch to your bedroom. And at John Kane, we believe the finishing touch can often be the masterstroke.

Why Choose John Kane For Your Custom Fitted Wardrobe?

Our artisan carpenters and craftsmen are the experts in bespoke wardrobe design. Furthermore, they appreciate the designer in you. Your room, your vision and your design carefully realised by master craftsmen. It’s a collaboration between you and our expert staff. To create both the storage solution and the overall room flow you want.

Bespoke wardrobe design at its best, can enhance the overall look of the room and in some cases make the space look even bigger. It all depends on what you need. Our custom wardrobes are created to fit and improve every aspect of the room they will live in. The light, the angles, the position and all the other features in the room are taken into account by our bespoke wardrobe designers.

The materials you choose for your bespoke wardrobe design can have a massive impact on how your room looks. With so many design finishes to choose from, you’ll find the perfect choice to fit the unique vision you have for your space.

Contact Us for Your Free Consultation

Not only does John Kane offer the best wardrobes Dundalk has to offer, but we also create the best-fitted wardrobes Ireland has ever seen. Master craftsmen and designers will help you create one of the most important features of your bedroom. Call us today for a free consultation and let us help you create the perfect wardrobe solution for your bedroom.

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